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Supply Chain Management in Construction Industry
Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Haas

Cost Certainty in the Early Planning Phases - Development of an Efficient and Effective Cost Planning Model
Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Franz Xaver Mayer

Development of Requirement Standards for Organization Planning and Documentation in Project Execution
Dipl.-Ing. Mathias Hamann

Development of a Forecast Scheduling Process in Early Phases of a Construction Project
M.Sc. Peter Greitemann

Implementation and Development of Advanced Project Management Concepts in Construction Industry in Romania
Dipl.-Ing. Mircea Liviu Negrut

Infrastructure Management in due Consideration of the Operating Cost of the Material Infrastructure
M.Sc. Julia Osterried

Maintenance Management of Material Infrastructure in due Consideration of Socio-Economic and Individual Economic Aspects
M.Sc. Christian Ziegel

Maintenance of material infrastructure in Germany considering the forecast of the future investment costs in early project phases
M.Sc. Marina Hoffeller

bauprozessmanagement und immobilienentwicklung
Construction. Real Estate. Management