Immobilienprojektentwicklung (ImmoPE)

Bestandteil des Moduls Nachhaltige Immobilienentwicklung
Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Bing Zhu, Professor

Di. 15:00 Uhr - 16:30 Uhr, Raum 0602

Jan Muckenhaupt, M.Sc., Wiss. Assistent

Start: 26.04.2022
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The examination consists of a test where the students prove not only their understanding of the learning content but also their ability to apply the methods, evaluate the results and consequences and moreover to develop the given approaches for further fields of utilization. Auxiliary materials are not admissible. The test requires partly the student’s own formulations, partly the qualifiedly checking of predefined statements.

Grundlagen der Investition in Immobilien, Marktsituation, Begriffe, Phasen, Objektarten, Wirtschaftlichkeit; Standortanalysen und Marktdaten; Marktbeteiligte, Kennzahlen, Sensitivitätsanalyse, Bewertung und Finanzierung von Immobilien; Immobilienverwaltung; Rechtliche Grundlagen;

Having successfully completed the module the students will have understood the given learning content and will be able to apply and develop this further. Therewith, they know to analyze and evaluate applicable situations and solve respective problems when later professionally working.

Fundamentals of Real Estate Investment, Market, Terms, Phases, Types of Property; Cost Effectiveness; Site and Market Analysis, Market Participants; Definitions of Building Areas; Sensitivity Analysis; Real Estate Evaluation and Funding, Property Value, Profitability, Market Value; Types of Contracts, Types of Operating Services, Legal Foundations;

The learning content is taught via lectures. Supervised exercises and tutorials allow deepening this with the help of examples in interaction with the students. References to professional practice are maintained also by contributions of guest lecturers.

Detailed lecture notes

bauprozessmanagement und immobilienentwicklung
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